Martells French Polishing
06 May


Martell’s offers polish solutions for your furniture to lend it a swanking-new appeal. Visit our workshop to get on your furniture.

R Young and Sons French Polishing - French Polishing Ltd
02 Feb

R Young and Sons - Ltd

R Young & Sons have over 30 years experience in . Specialists in - repairs, restoration and finishing.

Oakwood French Polishing Ltd
03 May

Oakwood Ltd

Get your furniture lovingly restored. See the range of traditional, quality, hand-finished services available at Nottinghamshire-based Oakwood

Glasgow French Polishers
07 Feb

Glasgow French Polishers

SG Polishing are contracted for all types of throughout Glasgow and Lanarkshire. Its master tradesmen have skills in both traditional and modern techniques. Furniture/floor repairs to large office refit they always give value for money without compromising their very high quality finish.GUARANTEED!

Prestige French Polishing
13 Apr


TRADITIONAL ,ANTIQUE RESTORATION,SPECIALIST FINISHES(MODERN AND TRADITIONAL)ANTIQUE FURNITURE,HANDRAILS,TABLES,DOORS,FLOORS ETC.Prestige is a well-established Company in Kensington with over 20 years of experience. Our Professional French Polishers in

A Ashley French Polishing
09 Jun

A Ashley

A Ashley offers a wide range of services including kitchen renovation and upholstery repairs. Speak with our skilled polishers today.

PD French Polishing| Surrey| French Polisher| Floor restoration
25 Jan

PD | Surrey| French Polisher| Floor restoration

For all wood finishing projects, Traditional , Modern Lacquering, Staining, Floor Sanding, Domestic & Commercial.

Paleamber French Polishing & Bespoke Furniture
01 Jan

Paleamber & Bespoke Furniture

& Bespoke Furniture paleamber is a London based business dedicated to providing the finest and furniture making services. We use only the highest quality materials and techniques. Each customer has vastly different needs. Every type of wood is unique and requires careful treatment. Thus, in all the projects we undertake, whether…

Ian & Stephen Faulkner
06 May

Ian & Stephen Faulkner

aulkner - in Oxfordshire - French Polishers Oxfordshire