The Carbon Trust
29 Dec

The Trust

Advice, insights, programmes & assurance for business, governments, organisations worldwide - accelerating the move to a sustainable, low economy

Carbon Earth Ltd
24 Dec

Earth Ltd

Earth - Energy Saving and Emission Reduction is very important. Offsetting your emissions with Offsets is also important

Cast Iron Carbon Neutral Multi Fuel Stoves | Mazona Stoves
18 Dec

Cast Iron Neutral Multi Fuel Stoves | Mazona Stoves

Welcome to Mazona Stoves From contemporary living room to cottage kitchen, Mazona have a style to suit all. Neutral As it grows, a tree absorbs dioxide from the atmosphere and when it is burnt that is released to the atmosphere, therefore, as a fuel, WOOD is Neutral.

Apollo Enviro
05 Jan

Apollo Enviro

Environmental awareness is important for any business with more and more focus being put on sustainability and reducing emissions.

Carbon Neutral and Green Building
24 Dec

Neutral and Green Building

Green Building Technology through Green Building Design. Enabling Neutral and Sustainable Construction with Eco Build Information Specialists.

05 Dec


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Low Carbon Box
07 Jan

Low Box

Low Box are Sustainable Building Consultants for carrying our energy assessments, Passivhaus and Air Tightness Testing

Low Carbon
02 Jan


Low focuses on renewable energy investments in companies and projects embracing proven technologies including solar, wind, CHP and battery storage.

Zero Carbon Energy
29 Dec

Zero Energy

Plumbing, Heating, Gas. Leighton buzzard Zero Energy

Beattie Passive Build Systems Limited
06 Jan

Beattie Passive Build Systems Limited

Beattie Passive Build System delivers high quality, energy efficient, zero , Passive House buildings. Offering self-build, offsite and modular

Calfee Design Official Homepage | Carbon Fiber & Bamboo Bicycle Frames
30 Dec


Calfee Design Official Homepage | Fiber & Bamboo Bicycle Frames

Calfee Design - Bicycles and Components, Repair, DIY Bamboo Kits