About WebEpic


WebEpic is an imaging service that photographs snapshots of websites.
Sites change and evolve, they load at different times, sometimes they go offline.
Photographing websites can be as difficult as photography in the real world.
WebEpic operates 24/7 shooting the 1000's of sites it knows about.
It does it at random every few months, or whenever a user clicks on any snapshot.
After it has taken a snapshot of each site, it compares the shot to the previous shot (if it has one),
if it has changed significantly then it keeps the previous version, you can see the effect by floating your mouse over the site image below - it shows the versions of the site.
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Arquitectura | Lisboa | Borges de Macedo, Arquitectura
30 Sep 2021

Arquitectura | Lisboa | Borges de Macedo, Arquitectura

É nosso objectivo criar espaços únicos e projectos irrepetíveis com um investimento competitivo com a máxima qualidade. Somos especialistas em obras e projectos de reabilitação e restauro. www.borgesdemacedo.com

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