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The website must be about any of the following subjects and categories to be accepted.
Please select the closest match.

Sites must be in English language from any country in the world.
We reserve the right to refuse publication of any website image or details.
You can remove the screenshot images, archive, links and all other data at any time.

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Website Shot to Image

We store 4 images (large, medium, small, tiny) per shoot.

Image Featured in Directories

The directories are organised by Category, Town, County and Keywords.

Site Meta-Tag Scan

The title, description, keywords and social media links are obtained directly from the website.

Occasional Image Reshoot

We re-shoot sites in about 3 months.

Popular Image Reshoot

When users click a site image it causes a re-shoot if more thaan a month since shot.

Website Image Archive

We keep a record of shot sites that have changed cosmetically since they were last shot.

Premium Users

Sponsors of 1-2-3-4-5 are given prominence and use Beta features.

Timed Reshoot Archive

Can specify when to re-shoot.



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